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7 Things To Do Before The Carpet Cleaners Arrive

It’s great if you have decided to get your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company so that your carpets get rid of their stains, odour, dirt and dust. The Adelaide carpet cleaners can help you remove all the toxins, dust accumulation and pollutants as well as stains from your favourite carpets. Calling them to your door step is the easiest way for you to lead your home or office to a healthier zone.

Of course, they will handle everything from beginning to end for your carpet cleaning process, but it will be great if you can prepare the ground for them in advance with some pro-active steps, so that your carpets get cleaned well and you also save time and money.

Adelaide carpet cleaning

  1. Furniture

You may also need to see if you need to remove some furniture which may come in the way of the cleaning equipment used by the carpet cleaners. If you have any lamps or other artefacts that on the floor, remove them as well.

  1. Floor

If you have kids or pets at your place, you might surely have toys, clothes, shoes etc on the floor. Ensure these are all cleaned up and kept inside.

  1. Fragile Items

Removing of any fragile or valuable items around the area which contains your carpets can avoid their potential breakage. So, remove all your porcelain, crockery as well as any collectable and store them in another cupboard, in another room, in a trunk or a garage.

  1. Upholsteries And Furnishing

Any curtains, bedspreads or soft furnishing must be cleared by lifting them up so that they stay out of the carpet cleaner’s area of work.

  1. The baseboards

Keeping the HVAC registers baseboards will be useful for the carpet cleaners as it will ensure the carpet doesn’t get dirty again after the cleaning. Hence, it will be better if you have already completed this task before they arrive.

  1. List of Cleaning Spots

Spend some time and create a list of those spots and stains which are of highest priority and others as well so that you can show them to the cleaning service when they arrive and ensure that they get cleaned for sure.

  1. Space for their Vehicle

Some of the carpet cleaners come with truck-mounted equipment and hence they need to park their vehicle closes to your door step so that their hose can come into your space easily. Ensure that that parking area is left free for them.

Follow the above steps and get carpets cleaned of any size in a just a few hours with Adelaide carpet cleaning as they are the best & most professional carpet cleaning service in the city. Don’t forget to call them on 0423 492 940 when your carpets need cleaning next time!

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