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7 Things To Do Before The Carpet Cleaners Arrive

So, are you looking to get your rug and carpets scrapped off from dust and mites? Well, that is a task best left for the Adelaide carpet cleaners. And not just any carpet cleaners Adelaide. But the most experienced and result-oriented Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning service providers.

It’s great if you have decided to get your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company so that your carpets get rid of their stains, odor, dirt, and dust. The Adelaide carpet cleaners can help you remove all the toxins, dust accumulation and pollutants as well as stains from your favorite carpets. Calling them to your doorstep is the easiest way for you to lead your home or office to a healthier zone.

Carpet cleaning is not a one-man job. That is why at APCC we have a professional and steadfast team of experts. Our technicians and other staff have immense knowledge about the nuances of all types of home cleaning solutions. We are not limited to Adelaide Carpet Cleaners. We indulge in Window cleaning, curtain cleaning, stain removal, and all other essential cleaning services.

Of course, they will handle everything from beginning to end for your carpet cleaning process. But it will be great if you can prepare the ground for them in advance with some pro-active steps. So that your carpets get cleaned well and you also save time and money.



We love the way you have set your house’s furniture and have given it an awesome makeover. But to add further shine to your living room or office we need to clean every inch of that carpet. And to do that, we would need all the furniture temporarily removed. This means that we want all the surface area of the carpet exposed. This will help us clean it efficiently and leave no area unattended. You may also need to see if you need to remove some furniture which may come in the way of the cleaning equipment used by the carpet cleaners. If you have any lamps or other artifacts that on the floor, remove them as well.


It would be really helpful if you keep your pets away from the work area. There are two reasons for this step. One is that we use industrial grade cleaning solutions for stubborn stain removal. As the best Adelaide Carpet Cleaners, we only use in eco-friendly cleaning solutions which are safe for animals and pets. But, we do not want to risk an allergic reaction sticking to your pet because of small negligence. And the second reason that we want to feel safe while working. Our top-notch machines make noise while operating. The sound can irritate the pets and they may react untowardly with us.

Curtains and Drapes:


another thing that you need to take care of is ensuring that all your curtains and drapes are tucked up. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to cleaning your carpet. This is what makes us the best Adelaide Carpet Cleaners and the first choice of the citizens. Plus, we also excel in curtain cleaning. So, we know that keeping your curtains down while we are working on the carpets will only spread off all the dirt on the curtains.

Children Toys and Stuff:



We cannot reiterate this fact enough that we only work with the best cleaning agents. These agents are eco-friendly and they do not pose any risk to your home environment. But to make sure that everything is working fine, we would like you to clear off the work area. Remove all your kids’ toys and stuff, so that they do not catch the essence of the cleaning solutions and the scraped off the dirt.

Wall Protection:


We also excel in carpet protection. But while working we will need to bring in hoses and other machine cords. And these cords tend to rub against the baseboards and the corners. That is why we urge you to protect them with adhesive tapes which are safe for the paint. As the most preferred Adelaide Carpet Cleaners, we do work with full diligence and with utmost care to your property. Still, as the famous adage goes, “Prevention is better than Cure”. And we believe in it.

Outdoor Truck Space:

We have truck mounted state of the art machines. They are parked just outside your house. The hoses length is limited and sometimes the distance from the truck to the room is too long. That is why in some circumstances we would like to park the truck just outside your door. Hence, you need to give us some space outside.

We take pride in being the best Adelaide Carpet Cleaners. This is because our services involve honesty, ethical behavior, and professionalism. There are no hidden charges involved. Once we give you the quote and shake upon, that will be the final cost charged. Integrity and trust, these are the two qualities that we have built over time and this was not possible without the support of our esteemed customers.

Follow the above steps and get carpets cleaned of any size in just a few hours with Adelaide carpet cleaning as they are the best & most professional carpet cleaning service in the city. You do not believe us. Well, why not try our services once. Give us a call today and see the results. Call now on 0423 492 940. It takes a lot of effort and understanding of the complexities of home cleaning. Only an experienced and expert service provider like APCC can give result to an immaculate cleaning job. It is our promise that all your house cleaning worries will go away if you connect with us once.

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