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Carpet Cleaning Method for Your Home for 2019

“The first impression is the last impression”. This expression denotes that when someone sees an object or a person for the first time. That appearance or look is ingrained into the mind. Due to this everlasting first impression, no matter how hard you try it again. That first impression becomes a defining factor. Well, as a person you can change this narrative, but with a carpet what is done is done. That is why we always suggest that you consider the carpet cleaning method. More important than that choose the best carpet cleaning company to help you regain your carpet’s dapper looks.

Carpets are no doubt one of the most important things of your home. So its cleaning or maintenance is necessary otherwise they will lose their charm soon. Carpet cleaning is mainly done with two types of methods, wet cleaning, and dry cleaning. But today, there are so many carpet cleaning companies who offer different carpet cleaning methods.

Hot water extraction or Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction or Steam Cleaning:

Hot Water Extraction, also called steam cleaning is the most widely used method. Most of the manufacturers, carpet cleaning experts and professionals recommend this method. This is because it is the safest method of carpet cleaning. There are three steps involved in this method of Carpet cleaning.

  • First, the cleaning agent is spread with a cleaning agent which is eco-friendly. This is imperative because the cleaning agents force the stuck dirt and mites to lose ground and shed off the carpet easily.
  • Following this, the carpet is brushed thoroughly and then rinsed with hot water. Remember the washing is done with hot water and not steam. Only industrial grade machines are used in the process to complete washing.
  • Sometimes, the water is also mixed with a cleaning agent and directly applied to the carpet with water pressure. This also leads to the whisking away of dirt and debris from the carpet easily.

The main reason to use hot water is that it kills bacteria and other allergens. They cannot bear the hot water temperature and this leads to their death. As a professional, this carpet cleaning method is the most practiced approach. Also, we give result to this process with truck mounted machines and equipment. This means that your house won’t get all dirty and smudgy.

The Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Method:

Bonnet cleaning is generally applied for regular maintenance and cleaning. Under this method, only the top surface of the carpet is cleaned thoroughly. The rest of the residue it left behind immersed deep in the carpet. The reason for choosing this method is that it is quick. The hotels mostly use this method for the fast working procedure.

  • It involves a heavy-duty machine fitted with a scrubber round spinning pad. This machine rubs on the carpet.
  • Inside the pad, there is a cleaning solution which is applied simultaneously to the carpet.
  • Hence, this is a dry carpet cleaning method which gives quick results and helps in the maintenance of a clean carpet.

However, this carpet cleaning method is not the first choice of professionals. The reason is that a lot of dirt and cleaning solutions when solidifies remaining deep in the carpet. This means even the carpet may look wonderful from above, inside it is still all dirty.

Shampoo Cleaning of the Carpet

Shampoo Cleaning of the Carpet:

Here is how this carpet cleaning method goes. Firstly, there is the application of the cleaning agent. This is in the form of shampoo and its application entails the formation of foam all over the carpet. There are two benefits of this foam. One is that it goes deep inside the fibers.

The second reason and step of this process is the drying of the shampoo. This means that when the shampoo foam dries, all the dirt and smudge is stuck in it. The foam then takes the shape of brittle debris. This also leads to the separation of dirt from the carpet fabric.

In the last step of this efficient carpet cleaning method, a powerful vacuum sucks off all the debris from the carpet or the rug in you choose to apply it on the rug.

In this method too, there are some considerations. It is that the choice of the shampoo is of paramount importance. This means that choosing a different kind of shampoo than what is appropriate for the carpet will lead to unwanted results. This is because the fabric of the carpet is sometimes sensitive. Exposure to the wrong kind of cleaning solution can make things worse rather than making them better. So, it is imperative that you consult the professionals at APCC before taking on this daunting task yourself. With us taking the wheel, you only need to worry about how will use your carpet once we make it new again.


A similar carpet cleaning method to shampoo cleansing is called Encapsulation. This method uses less water, lesser than the latter. The process is the carpet is loaded with a synthetic cleaning agent or detergents spread all over it. This cleaning agent solidifies and turns into a crystal form after some time. During its transition, the solutions dry off all the dirt with it. Then the last thing that you need to do is just suck it out with a vacuum cleaner.

These are some methods used for carpet cleaning. If you want to clean your carpets and confused about which method will be suitable for your carpets cleaning, then you should call professionals who are experienced enough in this task. They will guide you about how to clean your carpets perfectly. Not only this, but we also have ways to get rid of that annoying stain. Or even can help you keep your windows clean and smudge free for 365 days. There is nothing like APCC in the city. You gotta try it to know it better.

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