Carpet & Fabric Protection

Carpet & Fabric Protection

Carpet and Fabric Protection

It seems a bit overwhelming when someone says that you need carpet and fabric protection for prolonged life of your carpet. And this is indeed true and an effective procedure that is must if you want to save your investment. At APCC, we think that every single artifact, furniture or upholstery, and carpeting is an investment that you did out of your hard earned money. With the best carpet and fabric protection services in the city we are helping you protect that investment and get the most returns out of it.

To do that, we need your permission to layer your carpet, rug, fabric and any other kind of upholstery with a protective layer agent. This protective layer will act as a shield in turn protecting your upholstery and fabric from getting any dirty stains on it. Truly, this is the best option for you to protect your furnishings and ensure its long life.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

Benefits of Carpet and Fabric Protection:

When it comes to maintenance of carpet and rugs in your house or office, protecting them with long lasting and effective solutions is the first thing that you need to do. The reason is that it decreases the vulnerability of a stain permanently damaging the fabric. And there are several other benefits of carpet and fabric protection.

Soiling: your upholstery, carpets, rugs, cushion covers, sofa covers and what not. Everything is made up of fabric and it is not like the fabrics are made out of steel like raw materials. They are prone to soiling and getting damaged eventually after wear and tear. But, using a protectant which is made for the specific purpose of saving the texture. And also prevent the fabric from damaging for a long time is also necessary.

Stain Protection: Here you have two options, either go for our immaculate stain removal process, which will help you obtain a clean and tidy fabric even after you spill the most stubborn liquid on it. Or you can simply be a little cautious and opt for out fabric protection services. Protecting your upholstery and carpet is a sure shot method to ensure the longevity of the fabric and retain its exquisiteness.

Discoloration: In our upholstery cleaning services we always recommend our customers to place the leather furniture and sofas away from direct sunlight. The reason is that it leads to discoloration. Similarly, your carpet, rug, and other fabricated items are prone to discoloration due to several factors. For instance, dropping an acidic fruit on the carpet can damage the colors of the fabric permanently. Now, if you have had external protection applied to the surface area, there will be no point of any kind of acidic fruit damaging the fabric.  

Health Factor: A dirty or mud-filled rug is nothing but a breeding ground for bacteria and all kinds of diseases. Here too, if your rug would have been coated with our best protection solution. There is no point of spreading of a disease because the dirt or mud will not stick to it.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

But how does a solution protects the fabric?

This is a chemical process that takes place on a molecular level. When we apply the best and industrial grade Carpet protection solution to the area it forms a protective layer all over the surface area. A human eye cannot see it happening, but the process takes place away from the naked eye. This barrier of an effective solution then will not let any spilled over material to absorb into the fabric. This further protects the fabric from any and all kinds of damages.

These are the conditions when Carpet and Fabric Protection is necessary:

It goes without saying that availing a protection procedure for all your fabricated interior furnishing is beneficial. Still, if you do not want to go for it otherwise. There are some conditions when this becomes necessary and essential.

Baby in the house: It is not humanly possible to protect each and every item of fabric in the house which has a baby living in it. These cute little trouble makers will always find something to damage one or the other thing. In this scenario, you need to have a protectant solution which is applied to your carpet and rugs. Moreover, a neat and clean house which is devoid of any kind of contaminant or allergen is good for the health of your little one.

Renting out to someone: A good precaution before renting out your house to someone else is completing the carpet and fabric protection. This is because, with this precaution, you do not need to worry about your carpet getting destroyed at the hand of others. It will save you a lot of replacement money and the frustration of talking to the tenant regarding the reasons.

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We are the perfect companions for this job:

We take pride in our work and give you a guarantee that we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing the best results. Our experts are certified by IICRC. Also,

  • We will complete the work with a 100% guarantee
  • Ours is the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • The experience of 20 years has made us the go-to service provider for the toughest and intricate jobs.
  • We have a customer base of thousands of happy households who not only prefer our protection services but comprehensive window cleaning services too.

Without further ado, call us today on 0423 492 940 and get your obligation free quote. And hurry up before the stain dries up or you have some guests coming from out of town for a few days.

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