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Some customers feel that the window cleaning process will damage the curtain fabric. Hence, they opt for an off-site cleaning procedure
Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning Services

Not only you, but the majority of the population thinks that Curtain Cleaning Adelaide is unnecessary. When you see that the curtains in your house or office are a bit dirty the best course of action you think is to remove them and wash them yourself. Well, we appreciate that you want to clean them yourselves. But have you thought that maybe you are damaging your curtains by washing them the wrong way rather than letting a professional do it? No, right?

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide is not just an amazing carpet cleaning service. We also provide immaculate services for a number of other services including curtain cleaning. Curtain cleaning is easier said than done, we need to take care of the fabric and the type of solution to use on that fabric. Sometimes the fabric is too sensitive for any cleaning agents, but rest assured we have a solution for any of these issues that you may encounter.

Dirty Curtains

Less Known dangers of Dirty Curtains:

Believe it or not, your curtains as equally responsible for the contamination of the very air we breathe. Moreover, these curtains can also become the breeding ground for various diseases if not cleaned thoroughly by a professional. Here are some factors associated with dirty curtains.

  • Allergic Reactions and Dust Mites: Running nose, or red eyes or even a sore throat are the result of an allergy. But often the source of this energy is curtains. This is because the curtain fabric attracts allergens and dust mites. Not only this, almost every type of fabric retains these allergens and lets them accumulate on the surface of the curtain. Hence, with even a small push or by a whisk of air, these allergens and bacteria can enter your air stream. Ultimately, the result is that you will inhale these allergens and develop a problem due to it.
  • Moisture-laden Curtains: We have more than 20 years of experience in Carpet and Fabric Protection. And in all these years we have deduced that the bathroom curtains are also a big factor for the development of mould and mildew. These small and invisible to the naked eye sores settle on the curtains only to be covered with soap. Later, during a bath, they can enter your body through the nostrils. This situation is even more dangerous for older people, pregnant women, and small children.
  • Germs: It is a normal habit to hold the curtain while casually talking to someone over or on the phone. Or we do not even realize that we are touching the curtains without properly washing our hands. In this scenario, the cotton curtains are most vulnerable to be stuffed with germs. Hence, to remove these germs and protect yourself from diseases, you need to go for Curtain Cleaning Adelaide immediately.
  • Toxic materials: Science has proven that darker coloured fabric attracts more toxins than light-coloured ones. This also means that you cannot judge adequately the presence of dust and other toxins on the curtains efficiently. But, nothing stays hidden from us, we will make sure that every inch of your curtain is perfectly clean and it exudes certain confidence in your house.

Curtain Cleaning Adelaide

Our Curtain Cleaning Adelaide operation:

This is how it goes:

  • Step 1: The initial step is always inspection. We will examine all the curtains thoroughly and identify the stained areas and the type of fabric they have. The inspection also allows us to make a decision regarding the cleaning solution. As it is stated before that all the fabrics have a different makeup and structure. They require an appropriate cleaning solution.
  • Step 2: As now we have identified which stains are more stubborn and take time, we will get rid of them first. This is because we will not let your curtains go through a double whammy and damage their texture and shine. Instead, for more stubborn stains we will use the steam cleaning method and special cleaning agents.
  • Step 3: Also, we take precautions with respect to the sensitiveness of the fabric. This means that if as per the procedure we identify that the curtains will result in damage due to an excessive and rigorous cleaning process. We will resort to a more suitable and smooth cleaning operation.
  • Step 4: Further, we deodorize the curtains so that you feel refreshed every time you enter the room. After this, the curtains undergo drying with top-notch machines and dryers.
  • Step 5: APCC’s curtain cleaning procedure ends with a final inspection. This helps us concur that the cleaning process is complete and you are on your way to living a healthy and happy life once again.  

This was the on-site procedure, which is preferred by most of people. But if you want to go for an off-site Curtain Cleaning Adelaide procedure, we are the experts in that domain too.

Cleaning Procedure

Off-site Cleaning Procedure:

The most important factor when it comes to off the site cleaning procedure is shrinking. Customers have a fear that the off-site procedure will lead to the shrinking of their curtains especially if the raw material is cotton. We understand your fear as we do when we perform the Window Cleaning Adelaide job at your house. Some customers feel that the window cleaning process will damage the curtain fabric. Hence, they opt for an off-site cleaning procedure

We make sure to measure the exact length of the curtain that you will give us for cleaning. It is also our procedure to record all the big stains that are ruining your curtain’s appearance. With this, you will get peace of mind because when returning we will again measure the length and assure you that there is not even a fractional decrease in the length.

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Our Curtain Cleaning Adelaide procedure is designed perfectly to suit all your needs. Our technicians and staff operatives are not novices and amateurs. We understand that you want to protect your investment and we will provide you with IICRC certified technicians. They know what they are doing and will give more than satisfactory results. We wish to provide you with more than expected and also aim to dismiss your concerns when it comes to health damages due to curtains. All in all, APCC is your best bet in this situation and to leverage the most out of it, call us today 0423 492 940.

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