Carpet Cleaning
Different Methods of Cleaning Carpets Of Your Home

Carpets are no doubt one of the most important things of your home so its cleaning or maintenance is necessary otherwise they will lose their charm soon. Carpet cleaning is mainly done with two types of methods, wet cleaning and dry cleaning. But today, there are so many carpet cleaning companies who offer different carpet cleaning methods. These methods include:

Carpet Cleaning

Wet cleaning method of carpet cleaning

Wet cleaning, also called as steam cleaning is a most widely used method. Most of the manufacturers, carpet cleaning experts and professionals recommend this method as this is a safest method of carpet cleaning. Firstly, carpet is pre-conditioned with a chemical mixture that dissolves oil-based substances.  After that, boiling water is inserted into the carpet. After 10-15 minutes, water is removed with the help of vacuum. This method helps in removing the deep soil of the carpet because in this method water is applied deeply or the last layer of the carpets.

Carpet cleaning with the use of absorbent pad

This method, also called Bonnet cleaning is generally applied for the regular maintenance and cleaning. Under this method, firstly carpet is vacuumed and chemical mixture is applied with the help of sprayer. Leave the solution for some time and then absorbent pad should be placed on the drive block with the help of rotary floor machine and rolled over the surface of carpet at 300 rpm. This will help to absorb the chemical solution in carpet fiber. This method may leave dirt and chemicals in the carpet fibers. So, this method is inefficient to clean the carpets thoroughly.

Dry-cleaning of the carpets with the help of an absorbent compound

Mixture of special solvents and cleaning agents is applied on the carpet. This mixture will absorb the soil in fiber. Leave it for 10-15 minutes then vacuumed it. It’s quite simple and easy method so you can also do the carpet cleaning job by yourself.

Rotary shampoo method of carpet cleaning

A cleaning agent is applied on the carpet in order to collect the debris. With the help of rotating brushes, dry foam should be applied into the carpet fibers. At the end, foam is extracted with the help of vacuum. In this method, only small cleaning mixture is used so carpet will dry soon.

These are some methods used for carpet cleaning. If you want to clean your carpets and confused about which method will be suitable for your carpets cleaning, then you should call professionals who are experienced enough in this task. They will guide you about how to clean your carpets perfectly.

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