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Give Your Home the Make-Over It Deserves With Adelaide Carpet Cleaning

Are you annoyed and frustrated about living with a dirty and unkempt carpet that gives a messy and unattractive appearance to your house? Wondering whether you can really clean all that up! Well, your perfect solution lies with us. Adelaide Carpet Cleaning presents the most effective solution to all your cleaning woes.

What is Adelaide carpet cleaning?

With a team of highly experienced and professional carpet cleaners. You can now enjoy the benefits of exclusive carpet cleaning in Adelaide, in the comfort of your home. Our team has experience of more than 20 years. We offer high quality, affordable and efficient carpet cleaning services, Adelaide.

What can you expect?

You can expect a team that is dedicated and friendly, offering 100% satisfaction in all services deployed. They care about the well being of the family and keep cleanliness and health as their top priority. Adelaide carpet cleaning provides you with services that range from tiles to rugs, upholstery to carpets, without creating a mess.

Customer service is of the highest importance to us and we ensure that your home is not only spick and span, but also increases the quality of life. Your trust in us drives us to deliver beyond comparison.

Why should you choose us

Why should you choose us?

Adelaide carpet cleaners are not just a bunch of inexperienced individuals, but a team that knows the art of cleaning flawlessly. If you want the best, you have the best!

Some reasons that you should indulge in our services-

  • We offer 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • All the executives and technicians at APCC are IICRC qualified and comprise a highly experienced team.
  • We are your local partners in South Australia
  • APCC is fully insured and holds a public liability.

Our esteemed client’s trustworthy testimonials have given us the assurance to perform better, making our services stand out from the competition.

If you are wondering what are the services offered by Adelaide professional carpet cleaners, wonder no more.

We undertake:

Carpet Cleaning

With advanced steam cleaning technology, we undertake cleaning assignments for carpets of all kinds. Right from Persian to wool, polyester, nylon, olefin, cut pile, loop, twist, and whatnot. We assure you that after hiring us you will never have to worry about a dirty carpet. This is because we always strive for excellence and thrive on our customer’s satisfaction. 

Rug Cleaning

Rugs add to the style statement of our room. They add some traditional value to the house and provide a sense of cultural homogeneity. But imagine the volume of resentment and dissatisfaction, if there is even a single speck of stain or smudge on it. Fret not. With Adelaide carpet cleaning services at your service, your rug cleaning will be taken care of.

We take special care while dealing with different materials such as wool, silk,  natural fibre rugs, the hair on hiding rugs, cotton rugs, synthetic rugs, rug pads, and much more.

Mattress Cleaning

We know the amount of effort and money you have put into buying the perfect mattress for your bed. Also, we also understand your frustration when the same mattress is blemished with a stain. One of the most difficult things to clean in the house is mattresses. Also, we seldom take some time out to expose them to the sun or provide them with proper ventilation, Hence, they are bound to lose their sheen and rigidity.

Carpet cleaning Adelaide takes care of precious mattress and provide highly specialized services to keep them healthy and mite free. Also, right from Latex mattress to cotton mattress, hybrid to the innerspring mattress as well as foam mattress, there is a cleaning solution for every mattress with us.

Carpet Cleaning

House Maintenance Services:

Window Cleaning

If you are looking for clean windows, you have come to the right place. Because we undertake a complete window cleaning service that comprises of using different equipment that will leave your window looking squeaky clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

The pain of cleaning dirty upholstery can leave anyone flustered. Therefore, we offer you the perfect solution for all types of upholstery cleaning.

Right from Chenille to jute, cotton to silk, velvet to wool, linen to leather, at Adelaide carpet cleaners we understand the importance of different materials and tend to them separately. Hence, expect a damage-free cleaning service with us!

Water Damage Restoration

Water is one of the most important yet dangerous elements today that we use on a daily basis. Consequently, it not only ruins your carpets and rugs, mattresses and everything right from the core but also leaves irreparable damage.

We inspect the extent of water damage and provide restoration solutions accordingly. Also, the use of modern drying and cleaning equipment’s makes our services stand out from the rest. Call our water damage restoration experts today!

Commercial Cleaning

With extensive experience in commercial cleaning, carpet cleaners Adelaide provides you with the best in commercial cleaning at absolutely affordable rates.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and hence we customize the services to suit your purpose. Besides undertaking a monthly or quarterly cleaning assignment, we also offer AMC for commercial cleaning specific to schools, offices, buildings, industries, or any other cleaning requirements you may have.


Our Other Services:

Curtain Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets regularly make your home dust and allergen-free. There is nothing more unhygienic than dirty curtains. Hence, at Adelaide carpet cleaners, we provide you with quick and affordable solutions for all curtain cleaning requirements.

Right from tending to different materials differently to using a high-quality vacuum and steam cleaning process. We have a solution for every type of curtain.

Leather Cleaning

Maintaining the freshness and sanctity of leather is not an easy task. Therefore, we thoroughly understand the intricacy of cleaning leather with the right cleaning agents. Also, if it is not done properly, there are high chances of ruining this expensive material for life. Hence, bring home the best leather cleaners for all your leather furnishings today!

Stain Removal

Stain can be quite nasty and removing them, even worse! However, the use of proper cleaning agents and soft non-toxic stain removers, Adelaide carpet cleaners make this job easier for you. Added to this, No stain is too deep to be removed! Get in touch with us for all cleaning services today.

Carpet and Fabric Protection

A must-have for all homes with rugs, carpets and all sorts of furnishings. We offer your beautiful extensions a complete cover and protection from dirt, stain and mite. It helps to repel staining material and soil, thus prolonging the beauty of your precious products.

Create an extra barrier for all stains with expert cleaning services from us, today!

In Conclusion, with a host of services at your disposal, you can get a one-stop solution for all cleaning requirements at Adelaide Carpet Cleaners.

Get in touch with APCC today and avail of great services at affordable rates!

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