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Handy Self Rug Cleaning Methods You Must Follow Carefully

Have you ever gone to someone’s house and was awe-stricken after seeing the exquisite rug? What is even more surprising is that when you ask how old is it, the answer is 5 years. How could someone have such an awesome rug that is well maintained and does not even have a speck of dirt on it? Well, this is the work of the rug cleaning methods that are productive and efficient. These methods are time tested and will do the perfect job when it comes to rug cleaning. As a professional Rug and Carpet cleaner in Adelaide, we endorse these methods to help our customers maintain a good looking and healthy rug in the house.

Rugs can uplift the ambiance of the room if maintained properly. The aftermath of the inability to properly clean them and keep them in good stead can prove expensive at times. Not cleaning rugs can pollute the indoor air and cause a series of allergic reactions. Rug cleaning Methods are a fabulous way to improve indoor air quality and to preserve your investment for a long time. Regular vacuuming, maintenance of rug, removal of insects, dust and dust mite is essential for this.

If there are stains and spills, prompt treatment is mandatory. In case the rug has undergone extensive damage, or if you do not know how to clean a particular expensive rug, you may take up professional help. The cleaning of hand knotted and woolen rugs must be left to the professionals. Most of the rug maintenance may be handled in the home itself.

Tips to maintaining your rug:


At APCC we always strive to help our customers and recommend rug cleaning methods so that they can take care of the expensive rugs. Some of these cost-effective tips are:

  • If you are using an area rug, it is necessary to flip it over at least once a month and vacuum clean the back of the rug.
  • Use the beater rotating brush to vacuum the back of the rug and to push the dirt to the top of the surface. Flip up the right side of the rug and then vacuum it.
  • For the top of the woolen rugs, use only suction, while for a synthetic rug, you can use a rotating brush or beater bar.
  • Avoid vacuuming the tassels and fringe. As tassels and fringes are delicate materials, they can tangle in the beater bar of the vacuum.
  • It is true that vacuuming is good, but you should avoid it regularly doing.

Keep rotating the rug to prevent wear and tear


Too much foot traffic may beat tracks into the fibers and patterns of the rug. If you want to avoid unsightly wear and tear, you must keep rotating the rug. In case, your furniture rests on the carpet; you must remove the furniture from time to time to avoid uneven fading or furniture marks. Just as we do with our cars and practice tire rotation periodically, same is the case with the rugs. Another benefit of this rotation is that you will allow equal exposure of sunlight to the rug. With sunlight, the colors of rugs may start to fade after some time. But, if you are rotating the carpet, this fading will be of similar intensity.

Use a vinegar solution to maintain the shine and looks:


If you need to clean a spill, use a vinegar solution. Take one part of vinegar and three parts of water. Use it directly on the stain to restore the looks and shine of the rug. You may use a delicate sponge to clean the surface. Do not dry your rug under the sun as that may cause color fading.

But here too take care that you are using the right rug cleaning methods for different types of stains. When it comes to food stains, using vinegar is not recommended. Because vinegar can further dilute the foodstuff and spread the materials down to the fabrics of the carpet. Instead, carefully pick up the solid material and blot the liquid stuff. You further you need to wash the stained area with water.

But, if things have gone out of hand we would recommend calling for our Stain Removal experts. They have the prowess of all the high-potential and satisfactory rug cleaning methods. At home, what you can do is keep a pan below the stained area and wash it inside the pan, so that water does not spread to the other parts. This will prevent is from getting moisture laden.

Borax to remove get rid of insect infestation


The manner in which moths are attracted to light, the same way they love rugs and nobody knows why. Their love for rugs is a cause of worry for you. This means that if there are moths present on your rug, be prepared to use some rigorous rug cleaning methods to get rid of them. Or you can always call us for help, we are only one phone call away. The presence of bugs and moths in your rugs is not only bad for the aesthetical value of your special delivery Persian Rug but also a threat to your and your family’s health.

Although steam cleaning can control the colonies of insects, you may use borax to degrade the larvae and eggs of the insects. Sprinkle borax on the surface and wait for 20 minutes. Make sure there is no pet nearby.

Treat spots and stains immediately they occur. If the material is wool, avoid using carpet shampoo for with your chosen rug cleaning methods.


Using any of these rug cleaning methods will prove to be beneficial for the required upkeep of the rugs. At APCC, we always prioritize educating our customers instead of feeding them false stories about what will happen if they won’t call us. We are the experts in all other home cleaning services. This includes window and curtain cleaning, plus tile and grout cleaning. But our first priority is to secure your interest and our work comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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