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Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning Adelaide

Have you ever thought how it would look like to have a no fuss no mess Leather cleaning Adelaide service? Well, if not then you are in for a surprise. Because we are not only the most professional but also the most experienced leather cleaners in the city.

Leather cleaning for us is not a profession, it is an art. It needs a certain level of expertise, as there are several factors involved in it.

In all our years of experience, we have found that people prefer spending way too much of the hard earned money on replacing the leather furniture. Instead, what should be done is that they need to maintain the sanctity and the health of the leather upholstery and furniture with regular cleaning. We have an unmatched upholstery cleaning process which is proficient and provides the best results.

Leather Cleaning Adelaide

Tried and Tested tips to protect your Leather upholstery:

When it comes to preserving the leather upholstery and furniture there are a few pre-requisites to it. Follow all of them below:

Protect it from the Sun: Excessive heat from the sun will make your leather sofa or couch dry. After this, it will start to crack and then you won’t be able to save it. The end result is that you need to replace it altogether. What you should do instead is that place the sofa away from direct sunlight or cover it with some piece of cloth when not in use.

Detergents and Soaps: You do not know what kind of leather your sofa has been made with. This also means that you need to take care of the products and cleaning agents that you shall use to clean it manually. We recommend going to our Leather Cleaning Adelaide process. It is much safer and is known to provide 100% results to our previous customers.

Refrain from Wiping: Whenever your sofa gets a little dirty or there is a stain mark on it, never wipe it off. Wiping off the stain mark will further spread the spilled material and compromise the health of the sofa. Instead, use a dry cloth and place it on the stained surface. This cloth will absorb it and protect the leather sofa or any other piece of furniture.

Blunt Objects: A leather sofa is tightly knit together to give it a dapper look. But on the other hand, even a slight cut will damage its appearance and stitching it is next to impossible. We cannot treat a totally cut leather covering, but we can surely help you with getting rid of scratches and buff marks.

How to Protect your Leather Sofa_

This is why you always need a clean and tidy leather upholstery:

We take pride in ensuring that we educate our customers first and then go on with the cleaning procedure. Hence, we are sharing with you the bad impact of living with an unclean and unkempt couch or leather recliner.

  • As you know that the climate in Australia is such that there will be an accumulation of dust inside the house. Along with this, whenever you sit on the sofa or eat something while sitting on it, the release of some oily fluids can also penetrate into the leather. The collection of these fluids can deteriorate the strength of the fabric and also spread some diseases.
  • There is nothing like having a splendid and impressive looking leather sofa in the living room. But if that same sofa is laden with dirt and other contaminants it will disparage the image of the living along with giving birth to some health conditions. Therefore, to always keep your sofa clean and tidy you need Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning at your disposal.


  • Clean leather upholstery can last much longer than the unclean one. In other words, when you go for a professional Leather cleaning Adelaide services regularly. It will ensure a long life, less vulnerability to fading and cracking and minimum collection of contaminants. All of these otherwise are the major causes of deterioration of your leather furniture.

tidy leather upholstery

Why Choose us?

There are so many reasons why you need to choose us as your professional leather upholstery cleaner. Here’s why:

  • As we have prowess in dealing with all kinds of cleaning services including Stain removal and curtain cleaning. We know exactly the cause of the collection of dirt and other kinds of contaminants in your leather upholstery. This means that our IICRC certified professionals will know which cleaning strategy is best


  • We work with an efficient and optimal process which has three steps. A gentle clean procedure will agitate the dirt stuck to the sofa. The appropriate cleaning solution is used to whisk away the stubborn stain marks and other contaminants.


  • Further, we will rehydrate it by applying the best conditioning solution. This will make your leather sofa look like something right out of the store and immaculately clean.


  • Applying the moisturizer is not enough. We provide results because our last step involves applying a protection agent above the conditioner. This will not let your sofa to develop cracks.


  • We offer our services at the most competitive rates. There is no one other than APCC who has such affordable rates for these services.


  • We have a state of the artwork equipment and work only with the best practices which give 100% result. Moreover, the APCC staff will not hesitate to go the extra mile for your benefit.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today before your favorite couch is rattled with dirt and cracks. To avoid throwing it, make sure you contact us today on 0423 492 940

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