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Carpet plays a crucial role in beauty as well as the well-being of the home. Its timely and regular cleaning is essential. Otherwise, it will not only disparage the aesthetics home but also breeds allergies and lead to the establishment of an unhealthy living environment.

Gone are the days when you would have to pay hefty amounts of money for buying different equipment to clean your carpet. A carpet cleaning company when refurnishes your carpet it looks like you have just bought it brand new. This difference between the way of cleaning the carpets also makes a difference in its longevity and the dapper looks. You see, that a cleaning company utilizes top-notch machines, the staff has tons of experience and most importantly, they know which solution is best for which type of carpet. There are a lot of unknown aspects of carpet cleaning that it is not easy for a layman to fathom them all without regular practice and experience. That is why we always recommend that you go for a carpet cleaning company when the need of the hour is efficiency and perfection.

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Best Ways of Carpet Cleaning used by Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are two ways to clean your carpets, steam or chemical but which one is suitable is quite confusing because both the ways have some advantages and disadvantages. So before taking a final decision regarding carpet cleaning, you should investigate both the ways.

Steam cleaning:

Steam cleaning is also called deep cleaning. This method can remove around 95% dirt and bacteria. While choosing a carpet cleaning company, their ability and experience in deep cleaning are important. Because dirt and debris get embedded into the carpet. Steam cleaning utilizes boiling water or high-temperature water. This will mean that the carpet needs a long time to get dried. That is also depending on the thickness of the carpets.

Sometimes, carpets are damped for the next day as well so it’s quite messy for your home. But at the same time, this method works all around the carpet and goes down to the last layer of the carpet. It is considered as the best method to clean stiff stains as it cleans carpets thoroughly. The main motive of using this technique is to jostle the stuck dirt and mirk to the carpet fabrics. APCC is such a carpet cleaning company which can perform this task with efficiency and accuracy. Because this method can get a little messy. We take extreme care as not to damage any of your property.

Chemical Cleaning:

As the name implies, the chemical cleaning process involves using industrial grade solutions and detergents to make your carpet look like new again. Here too, the carpet cleaning companies which are eco-friendly. And they are aware of the consequences of using third-grade detergents like the APCC perform a meticulous job. The reason being that although the detergents we use are environment-friendly, they can still pose a risk if exposed. That is why as an honest and courteous carpet cleaning company. We always recommend that you prepare your house before we arrive. This link will tell you everything you need to do before we arrive.  

These solutions include dry shampoos that need lesser water in comparison to the steam cleaning method. So, with this method, your carpets will be cleaned by applying chemicals and it will be dried soon as well because there is less moisture to dissolve. This method will definitely save your time but it is unable to clean the deep or stiff stains as the chemical will be applied on the top layer only. Sometimes, chemical residues are left on the carpets which are also unhygienic and unhealthy too.

Dry Carpet Cleaning:

Yet another method used by the most advanced Carpet Cleaning Company is the dry cleaning method. As the name suggests, this method uses a minimal and only essential amount of water. Plus, in this method, the majority of the work is done by machines. The dry cleaning method is a recent addition to the rug and carpet cleaning business. But, experts such as APCC are quick to adapt to this new trend and use it proficiently. We have also observed that many people do not trust the authenticity and potential of this method. But to prove them wrong we can assure that the dry cleaning method is as efficient as the deep cleaning method of carpet cleaning.

What is done is that a cleaning compound in the powdered form is applied on the carpet. Then with the help of a rotator, the powder is allowed to go deep inside the carpet fabric. The rotator also wide opens the fabric threads so that the powder settles in perfectly. All the more, for your protection and safety, we always use biodegradable powder agent to clean the carpet. If that’s not what the best carpet cleaning company should be, then tell us how should it be?

Choice for a Carpet Cleaning Company

Your Ideal Choice for a Carpet Cleaning Company:

So with this discussion, steam cleaning is quite better than chemical cleaning; after all, health always comes first. So, if you want to clean your carpets, prefer any reliable carpet cleaning company who performs steam cleaning for your carpets. Adelaide Professional Carpet cleaning is an ideal choice for cleaning carpets as we are experienced enough and dealt so many customers in the Adelaide area. We use a steam cleaning process. And only work with environment-friendly solutions to clean your carpets. All of our methods are not harmful to you and your family members.

And when it comes to the dry carpet cleaning method we think that you should give it a try. As an efficient and cost-effective carpet cleaning company. We have received a number of testimonials. They all point to the dry carpet cleaning method as a good one.  

We always treat your carpets with due care. So, you don’t need to be worried about its looks and appearance. We understand that your carpets make a strong impression of your house. That is why we work diligently and clean each and every corner of your carpet. With us, you will surely get a beautiful and clean carpet after the work is finished. So why wait, just contact us today on 0423 492 940. We also have expertise in curtain cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Let us clean your house once and we promise that you will feel like living in a new mansion.

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