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Rug Cleaning

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Rugs do add a classy look to the floor, they resonate with the older traditions and allows us to experience royalty right in our own home. But when these rugs get all smirky and dirty, they become the carriers of several diseases. Hence, Rug Cleaning Adelaide is as imperative as it is to keep your clothes clean.

Especially, for the home where there are kids who majorly play on these rugs, it is essential that you keep the rugs dust-free at all times. And none other than the best rug cleaners in the whole of Adelaide can ensure that your cute little baby does not catch any disease from your rug.

Why are we the best rug cleaners in Adelaide?

It goes without saying that our experience in this industry is evidence enough to satisfy all your needs. But above that, there are a plethora of reasons why you need to call us when the task at hand is rug cleaning. Some of them are:

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers: With all the years of experience and expertise we have served hundreds of customers. All our customers are happy and satisfied with our services. This is because we take pride in giving the best results every single time.

Best Technology: When it comes to utilizing technological innovations in our work, Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning has top-notch machinery and equipment. We always invest in the best technology which provides concrete results.

Experienced and Awesome technicians: Carpet cleaning and Rug cleaning in Adelaide are easier said than done. It takes experience and prowess in one’s work to provide the propitious. You would be happy to know that our technicians are IICRC certified. They have a lot of work experience and are known to provide effective results.  

Best Rates in town: Customer education and satisfaction is our motto. We do not indulge in excessive profiteering at the cost of your convenience. APCC has competitive rates in the industry and still provide effective results.

Fully Insured Services: All our services are fully insured and we are a public liability company.

rug cleaners Adelaide

The Cost you have to pay for Dirty Rugs:

Living with dirty rugs is not without its risks. There are health concerns, possibilities of living in a dirty environment, rugs are the breeding grounds for bacteria and whatnot. The end result is that you will have to bear the brunt of carelessness and negligence. Here are some other issues associated with dirty rugs and why you need the best rug cleaning Adelaide.

Greasy and Oily Residue: Whenever we come from the kitchen or from outside and step onto the rug we leave some oily residue on it. This doesn’t matter in the beginning. But as time passes by and the residue accumulates, the rug will start to show the signs of discoloration and some smell. This will contaminate your interior environment and spread disease in the air.

Dirt is gnawing at your rug: In our 20 years of experience for Rug Cleaning services we have observed that rugs are saturated with dirt only after a few months of usage. The accumulated dirt grinds with the rug upholstery and fabric destroying its aesthetic value.

Home to diseases: The rugs act as a natural absorbent of pollen, dirt, dust mites, toxic airborne chemicals, and whatnot. But at some point in time, the rugs reach their aim of absorption. At this point, these rugs do not hold any more dirt or pollen and this becomes a major reason for the spread of diseases in the house.

Bacterial and Other infections: Dirty rugs and carpets are home to bacteria and virus including Salmonella, Norovirus, Campylobacter. These microscopic organisms spread in the rug and when you walk through it, they become airborne ultimately entering into your body. Some of these infections are dangerous especially when they attack children and elderly people. Ergo, we recommend you that always get professional help from Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning.

How do we go about Rug Cleaning?

Rug Cleaning is an intricate process where we have to take care of several important things. There is a thin line difference between cleaning and over-cleaning when it comes to rugs. The fabric is also sensitive, and we take care of the make of the rug. Our Rug cleaning service experts cater to all types of rugs including Persian rugs, Silk rugs, Cashmere Rugs, Wollen rugs, hand-tufted rugs and much more than that.

We follow an impressive and wholesome process: 

Thorough Inspection: At first we conduct a thorough inspection of the rug and identify the areas which may need some extra treatment. These are the areas which stink more than other parts or which suffer from discoloration.

Colourfast Checking: This is the name of the test that we conduct to identify the separate areas which need extra treatment.

Vacuum and Vibrations: Both these processes are then conducted intermittently. After the first vacuum sweep, the rug undergoes vibrations. This jostles the stuck dirt and solid debris particles. In the second round of vacuum, all the dirt and other particles are removed from the rug.

Wash and Clean: We only use eco-friendly cleaning agents which not only provide the best cleaning results but also extend the rug’s life. We as experts of Rug Cleaning in Adelaide also ensure that the fabric retains its previous luster and softness. Our stain removal procedure is like no other and it leads to best results.

Drying: Unless the rugs are dried down to every single fabric this becomes a major breeding ground for mould. And when there is the presence of mould in the carpet you can only expect to suffer from allergies and various other health conditions. Hence, we use the best machines which have a temperature-controlled airflow system.

Rug Cleaning Adelaide is an important and essential practice that is a must for every house. People tend to ignore the conditions of the rug and continue using it without any kind of treatment. But, this also causes a lot of trouble if things are not kept in check.

We strongly advise you to never take a chance when it comes to your and the family’s health. It won’t cost you anything plus we are ready to give you an obligation free quote for the services we provide. Call us now on 0423 492 940.

rug cleaners Adelaide

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