Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Stain Removal

Can we share a secret with you? Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning has a secret method which will force even the toughest of the stains to give up. You wanna know what that secret method is? Well, for that you need to hire us and let us help you get rid of the toughest stain in your house. Stain Removal is easier said than done, this is such a process which if done by an amateur can cause permanent damage to the cleaned fabric. Hence, we would like you to trust only the professionals and experts in this field when it comes to providing satisfactory and long-lasting results.

We work with a procedure which not only removes the stain completely but also improves the overall condition of the fabric. For every stain there is a procedure which has to be followed so that it does not sticks to the fabric permanently. There are some stains which even test our expertise, but in the end we will successfully clean them and give you a neat and tidy carpet or upholstery.

Our motive is to save your money and help you refrain from buying a new carpet only due to a sticky and non-removable wine or fruti or ink stain. And we fulfill our motive by giving you assurance that we will completely remove the stain off the fabric. But first, let us share some tips and measure you need to take to avoid these stains.

Stain Removal

What to do to avoid Stains?

If you have ever gone for a professional Stain Removal before then you must know that there are a few precautions that you can take to protect your carpet. These steps are also the most probably why we get our carpets or upholstery dirty in the first place.

Use a protectant: There are industrial grade protections solutions and powders. Which have the power to attach themselves to the fabric of your rug or the carpet or any other type of item? These protection agents after binding with the fabric will not let spilled liquid or any other contaminant to spoil the soft and sensitive fabric. This may get you thinking that then why do you need a professional to apply such a solution. This can be done on your own in the house. Well, we always advise you not to go for it. The reason is that APCC professionals know everything about your rug or the carpet. Hence, they will know which type of protectant is best for which type of fabric.

Shoe Stains: It is always recommended and a good habit that you keep your shoes off the rug at all times. Have a dedicated area where you need to remove the shoes before entering the house. This will go a long way in protecting the cleanliness and sanctity of your house.

Clean it Regularly: Daily vacuuming your carpet will really help in keeping it clean for a long time before you have to a professional carpet cleaning service. This is because with regular vacuuming the minute spilled liquid or dirt won’t stick to the carpet and cause further damage. Removing them will save you the money and trouble for hiring a professional Stain removal agency like APCC.

Professional help: Well, if we were to say that let’s see how Adam Gilchrist would do if he played Table Tennis instead of Cricket. Not that he doesn’t know how to play it, but we are hoping him to become a champion at something which he does not know. Consequently, getting the professionals to clean the stains is akin to Adam Gilchrist playing the best cricket of his life.

Stain Removal

What can you do for blotting stains?

There is a set procedure which you need to follow when there is an emergency situation. Yes, a wine spill or some food spillage on your favorite rug or carpet is an emergency. Hence, we always recommend that you never ever rub the stained surface with any type of cloth. Instead, make sure you blot the spilled liquid at the edges first and then move inside gradually. When blotting too, do not push so hard as to force the spilled material to further recede into the fabric. And when the spilled material has a semi-solid or a solid texture, then take a spoon and scoop it out slowly.

Stain Removal

How can we help you for Stain Removal?

You must be thinking that if the process of cleaning the stains is so simple. Then what is the purpose of hiring a professional cleaner. Well, here is why you still need our efficient and optimal servicing expertise. We are not only experts in carpet stain removal but also have extensive experience in Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide.

  • First, our 20 years of experience counts as the best characteristic explaining why you need to choose use for your service. This also means that there is no stain we may not have seen or cleaned for our esteemed customers before.
  • Also, when it comes to providing solutions for cleaning, all our technicians and executives are certified by IICRC. They know what they are doing and can provide the best work solutions.
  • Most importantly, with us, there are no hidden and secret costs involved. We will provide you an estimate before starting the work and will stick to it in all conditions. Plus, we have a reputation to go beyond the line of duty to give you the best results possible.

Any type of Stain Removal involves a distinct knowledge about the chemical makes up of the spilled material. Also, it has to be ensured what kind of reaction will that material have with the cleaning solution. Inability to understand can tantamount to damaging the fabric permanently. And you will not get such diverse knowledge base and expertise anywhere in Adelaide but APCC. Call us today on 0423 492 940, before its too late.

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