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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

The most worrisome aspect of installing tiles in your house is that you ensure that the grout is always clean. The reason for this extra caution is that once the grout is permanently filled with dirt, it is next to impossible to clean it. Then you only have the option to redo the tiles of your floor. But, if you have someone like APCC for tile and grout cleaning Adelaide, all your worries will vanish away.

We can play magic on the tiles and make them look like they have been installed just now. Our Stain removal process works wonders every time and we are revered to be the best team for this job in the city. Β This magic entails the understanding of the tile and grout chemistry and also understanding which cleaning agent will work with which type of tiles. We have achieved this prowess not only with our vast knowledge of the subject but also due to our 20 years of experience.

Grout and Tile Cleaning Adelaide

Our Grout and Tile Cleaning Adelaide Process:

We take pride in working with the most promising and best practices of tile cleaning in Adelaide. Want to know our process?

Pre-Inspection: The first step is when we will pay a visit to your house and identify the type and make of the tiles. This is important because we want to know what is the chemical makeup of the tile and what kind of grout is used in it.

Testing: We do not leave anything to chance. In order to protect your investment, we will test the cleaning solution against a small area of the tiles. This will help us make sure that the solution we have chosen for your tiles works perfectly.

Application: After receiving your approval and agreeing on an affordable price we will begin our magic. We will first apply the solution to the tiles and agitate the floor to scrub off the grime and stuck dirt. Along with it, we will also scrub off the Grout.

It’s time to Rise and Shine: We believe in water conservation and will use just the required amount of water to wash the tiles and grout. Our Tile cleaning Adelaide procedure is unlike any other. Our focus is always giving the best results to the customers and ensuring their 100% satisfaction.

Sealing: The last step in Tile and Grout Cleaning Adelaide is to seal off the cracks in the grout with suitable material. This will prevent further penetration of waste and other contaminants into the tiles base structure.

Grout and Tile Cleaning Adelaide

We provide the best kind of service there is:

You may have come into contact with several people claiming that they are the cleaners for this purpose. But when it comes to proving their worth, there is none other than APCC.

Kitchen and Bathroom: Kitchens are equally exposed to unwanted contaminants. These contaminants ward off the grout and damage the sealings of the tiles. With the kitchen, we take extra care not to ruin the ambience of the area. This is because some cleaning agents are known to emit a foul smell even after they are washed away. We take care of such small details before giving you an immaculately clean kitchen. To complement this, you can also avail of our Window cleaning services to make your kitchen even more attractive and splendid.

We know where to attack: If anything our 20 years of experience has taught us is that we know where to look for the contaminants. These nasties have some special relationship with the areas which are exposed to constant water flow. For instance, near the showers or near the bathroom sink. These are the areas where we have to make some extra effort for cleaning.

All types of tiles: We can provide services for the following types of tiles. Ceramic, Slate, Porcelain, Terracotta, Terrazzo, Travertine, Quarry, Marble, Granite, Limestone and many more.

Anti-Staining Procedure: We always recommend to our customers to go for a sealing procedure which protects the tiles from staining and excessive wear. Our pro-tile sealing procedure will make sure that the tiles are protected for a longer time. Some tiles are also porous in nature and these are more vulnerable to staining damages. This is particularly important when the acidic liquids cause much more damage to the tiles than they would cause to the non-porous ones.Β 

Grout Cleaning Adelaide

Grout Cleaning Adelaide:

In specific terms, the Grout gets dirty easily and can also make your tiles look dull. This is because the grout is the space between two tiles and it is filled with a mixture that resembles the tile colour and texture But with time the Grout invites all the contaminants and acids which often go down into the base of the tiles. This makes the whole floor vulnerable and is akin to destroying the tiles from beneath. Grout Cleaning Adelaide and its subsequent sealing are rather imperative for all types of tiles.

Tile Stripping

Tile Stripping:

If you have ever gone for Tile Cleaning in the past, then the service provider must have applied a sealing solution. If not, then you chose the wrong service. Nonetheless, this sealing solution needs to be removed before we begin our process. But don’t worry, this won’t damage your tiles. Rather, we have top-notch machines and equipment that will make sure that When it comes to tile cleaning Adelaide, there is no match for Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning in the city. We have a super friendly staff, one that understands your requirement. All our technicians are certified by IICRC. We have a state of the artwork equipment and best of all our rates to very competitive. All in all, you will not get a service as our anywhere, try our services once to know us better.

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