Carpet Cleaning
Top Five Carpet Cleaning Methods used in Companies

The carpet cleaning is usually an issue in offices as well as at homes as it takes lots of time to clean or wash and dry the same it. This is the reason why these tasks are mainly done on weekends in mainly corporate companies. And at home, you will find your servants and parents engaged in similar tasks before going on vacations.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Let’s discuss the top five Carpet Cleaning Methods used by professionals:

  1. Hot Water Carpet Cleaning:

In this method, high pressured extremely hot water is used for removing the dirt. The method is quite easy. First, a cleaning agent is applied on the soiled carpet and left for some time. After a short while, the carpet is washed with cleaning equipment using hot water which rinses the dirt. After that, the carpet is left in an air conditioning room or in any shade for drying before spreading on the floor again.

  1. Carpet Shampooing:

This technique is quite common in companies. It is called so because the carpet is treated with shampoo and then washed to rinse all the chemicals. But this method has certain disadvantages as well. As the rinsing is quite difficult for a bulky carpet, the remains of the chemical can be seen even after the carpet is completely dried or in fact left for a day or two to dry completely. The chemical remains also make the carpet sticky at times and it may leave a bad odour as well.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning:

The process involves only cleaning of the top part of the fibres of the carpet with the help of a motorized machine. The machine makes the use of a spinning pad which is applied on the carpet surface to absorb dirt after immersing in a cleaning solution. This method is quite popular in cleaning the carpet in bulk as it quickly cleans the carpet in a go and doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the hotel or company staff. So, why to worry? Take help of  Carpet Cleaning Adelaide whose expert hands can help in cleaning carpets in a highly efficient manner.

  1. Dry Powder Cleaning method:

This method involves the mixture of cleaning the carpet using a mixture of water, solvent and the detergent. This mixture is sprinkles on the carpet and it forms clumps like sawdust on it. These clumps act like micro-sponge that absorbs dust. After the process completes, the clumps are vacuumed to make the surface of carpet smooth and clean.

  1. Professional Steam Cleaning:

This method is quite common nowadays as it involves cleaning the respective carpets at 100 degrees Celsius temperature with the help of superior steam cleaning machines. The uniqueness of this method is that only water is used for cleaning the carpet. For taking expert advice and directions, you can call Carpet Cleaning Adelaide who are equipped with highly proficient staffers.

These are some of the methods that can be used in households as well as in offices to clean the carpet. It should be noted that once you find your carpet dirty, do look forward to cleaning immediately as it starts damaging the carpet due to accumulation of layers of dirt. There are many professional companies that can help with their professional services. So, choose the best for available the most efficient services!

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