Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Adelaide

It is quite surprising to know that humans can live without food for up to 30 days, but we can only live without water for 7 days. Water is essential for our survival and equally important to perform our daily house chores. Without water, life would come to a halt as we know it. On the other hand, if water penetrates into the objects and our living rooms, where we cannot control its flow. It can be equally devastating. That is why our Water Damage Restoration Adelaide consists of a quick response team.

We rush to the spot immediately and start water damage restoration that instant. The quicker the better. So we urge you to contact us at Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning on the first suspicion of water dripping or its penetration into the walls or the floor beneath.

How does water Damage your property?

Extensive water damage will start with as little an issue as a tap leak. The leaking water will slowly start to accumulate in one corner and if it does not get drainage it will start dripping down. This starts the accumulation beneath the floor or in the cabinets and anywhere else it gets a way ahead. You must be amazed to know that all the caves that we see today are the results of water slowly eating at the limestone and turning it into a cave. We are also the experts in tile and grout cleaning, no matter what is the extent of the damage. There is nothing that we as a team cannot tame.

Water Damage

Signs of Water Damage:

It is important that you know about the signs that hint at water leaking or collecting at some point in your house. Keep a close eye for these markers and contact Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning immediately.

Pooling water: Water starts to pool in a certain area where there is slope and it will stay there until and unless you remove it with a water extractor. For Water Damage Restoration Adelaide, we have the best and industrial grade water extraction units.

Discoloration: Discoloration means that when water damages or reduces the luster of your carpet or any other materials which is susceptible to water damages. You should never accept discoloration as a sign of your carpet getting old. Our carpet cleaning Adelaide services treats this anomaly for various other reasons. And water damages is one of them. And not only with carpets, but discoloration due to water is also observed in walls, ceilings, and floor. So keep an eye out for all these areas.

Altering Texture: Apart from discoloration, an alteration in the texture of your floor is another sign of water damage. Change in texture means that water will swell your wooden floor, lead to warping, soft spots, sinking or bulging floor, buckling of the wooden floors and furniture. All this means that water is resting somewhere on your wooden floor or is getting access to the wooden furniture.

Stink or Odor: When you hear someone say that something smells in your house, don’t just ignore that. It can be the smell of  Mold or mildew growing and mold is the most annoying and frustrating that could happen due to water damage.

This is why you should choose us:

Yes, this is important that you should know why to choose APCC for all the Water Damage Restoration Adelaide works.

An All-rounder team: We will take care of each and everything that is related to water damage. Our restoration process will start with water damage inspection and end when we have successfully laid the last carpet back into its place. All dry and ready to be used once again. This is important as having us will save you the trouble of looking for various service providers for different services.

Qualified Professionals: The APCC team is a mix of seasoned and knowledgeable technicians and staff. All of our team is known to provide the best results. We know water damage restoration in and out. All the technicians are IICRC certified.

Insurance Liasion: With us, you will never have to worry about anything. Along with providing unmatched service experience, we will also take care of the insurance procedures. We will liaise with your insurance company and get you the compensation for all your damages.

The Best Results at the most Competitive Rates: We know that your house is important, hence we will talk about money later. First, our sole focus when it comes to Water Damage Restoration Adelaide is protecting your property. We also take care that the water does not recede any further and start off with the extraction process immediately.

Quick Turnaround: At times due to negligence and careless, the water can bust out of the pipe and start flooding the house. This calls for an emergency situation. But don’t worry APCC is here at your disposal. We will rush to the spot and start working to first control the water flow and protect your belongings. Once the water stops flooding then we will start with the restoration process.

Here is our efficient Process:


There is nothing like experiencing water damage to your property. But all is not lost yet. Call us today, the faster you contact us, the sooner we will fix the problem for you. After all, we all want to protect our home sweet home with our proactive and proficient water damage restoration Adelaide services. Call on 0423 492 940 to get an obligation free quote.

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